why shooting film?

Just a Rant

Actually it`s been like almost 2 year since I startin to curious learning about Film Camera,.but never confidence enough to take it seriously because I realized Film Photography is difficult and complex stuff that about to be vanish

For that 2 years I just shooting film occasionally,the no.1 is still Digital Photography is the “Serious” way of photography.

Until a trip this year on May to Tokyo,I saw a lot people,.a Youngster and a lot Great Japanese Photographer still sling their Film Camera with love and pride,That moment really change the way I feel about Photography,I got back home with a lot of question in my head

“Why they seems enjoying it?”

“Why they bother all the hassle using film?”

“Why did one earth they can be happy with all that annoying stuff?”

and then I came across with this quotes by a Magnum Photographer Alec Sloth

This is the same problem I have with digital photography. The potential is always remarkable. But the medium never settles. Each year there is a better camera to buy and new software to download. The user never has time to become comfortable with the tool. Consequently too much of the work is merely about the technology. The HDR and QTVR fads are good examples. Instead of focusing on the subject, users obsess over RAW conversion, Photoshop plug-ins, and on and on. For good work to develop the technology needs to become as stable and functional as a typewriter. – Alec Soth

That`s one of the answer.

As for me I can`t explain it very well why I`m shooting film

right I`m not in the position of talkin like expert,

Make it simple It just sentimental reason

It`s about personal satisfaction,the hardest it get the more rewardin it be 🙂

Thank you Japan

Thank you Alec Sloth

Now I`m shooting film more,I feel glad I do 🙂

Let me share you my fav picture from 1st Batch of Kodak Ektar loaded to Yashica Mat-124


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