Review : Canon EF 135mm f/2.0 L USM

Lens Review


Actually this is more like confession of how I love 135L  rather than review so it might be very much un-relevant for Nikon Fanboy to read this post which I suggest it’s better for Nikon Fanboy to leave this page at once rather than CAPSLOCK me to death.

I used to be avid Nikon user but this wonderfull lens sucessfully turn me into Canon slinger


Easy!because The Nikon equavalient 135DC price doesn’t make sense to me and 135L was far much better 135mm lens,so why must I choose the twice expensive and the “not so good” lens,if I can have a super wonderfull 135mm for a half price?

In Indonesia they labeled it for about $1,400 for that price I can get a Canon 135L & 550D which is I did.

Yup so I bought a 135L & 550D rather than follow my pride as Nikon user’s and wasted my money for 135DC at first my plan is to exclusively use this combination only for Candid at that time I still use my D700 and 50mm lens

After a month I found it that 135L is a perfect lens Canon ever made!

glass,color render,build quality & autofocus was beyond my expectation!

My only rant is 135mm was way too long on 550D crop body but after I can lay my hand on 5D Mark II I don`t have any objection again

135L on Full Frame body is Sweeeeeeeet

That “Sweeeeeet” factor make me say goodbye to Nikon.

Nuff said here’s my review based on my experience with 135L for about 2 year`s

(135L is my only lens for almost 2 year`s until recently i bought 35mm f2)


This lens is blazing fast!on my 5D Mark II  as long as you use center focus point and have the reflect to trackin movement manualy this lens is sick!

Here`s an example how fast 135L focus can be

Even soccer ball flying toward your face the 135L can chase and lock the focus perfectly!
Nobody can escape the 135L focus!


135L have 10 elements in 8 groups with 2 UD  so far this is the sharpest lens I’ve ever own,even on widest apperture f2 it will give you more than enough sharpness,creamy bokeh & beautiful color render!

Can you see that splashes bubble detail!if this wasn`t sharp enough for you,maybe you should spend your unlimited cash on Leica Noctilux!

Look at that splash clarity!

Beautiful color render!

Sweet sunny afternoon color!Cinematic color!Another my fav cinematic render here!


Medium & lightweight you can shot day to night without getting back ache


The built quality is good,but still Nikon 135DC was better build feel more rigid and solid well that how Nikon made lens they made like all lens will be use by War Journalist

The cons is no weather seal!that features really important for me since I love to do Street Photography/Candid in the rain,but still that don`t stop me from attempt Street Photography/Candid in the rain.

PRICE :9,9

2 year`s ago I bought it for $670

I’m willing to pay more!


If 135mm is your focal length and you`re Canon user,well let me shake your hand

“Congrat!135L is the perfect lens for Canon user and I beleive it`s the best 135mm lens ever made up until now”

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